Uramichi Oniisan Wiki

Uramichi Omota (表田 裏道, Omota Uramichi) stars as a the exercise/games leader (taiso no oniisan) on the educational TV program Together with Maman.


Uramichi is an adult with short brown hair, brown eyes and he is muscular due to his former occupation as a professional gymnast.


Due to the nature of his occupation in a children‘s educational program, Uramichi often portrays himself as bright and cheerful in front of the children, but in reality he is an extremely miserable and depressed individual. His gloomy nature sometimes even bleeds through his cheerful persona, scaring the children in the show in the process. It doesn't help that the children are also extremely honest with him, often asking him questions that reminds him of his bleak life and sending him further on a downward spiral.

It is also implied that he is an alcoholic, as he can be seen buying cheap sake in huge quantity from grocery stores and downing them almost every night.

Despite all the negativity in his life, deep down he is actually a caring person towards his co-workers and the children, and while he often grieves over his seemingly dead-end career, interacting with the children is actually among the highlights in his life.

His hobby is working out and going to the gym, and despite no longer practicing as a gymnast, he still keeps up with his workout routine and even practices with a grip trainer in his dressing room. He also possesses incredible strength as shown by how he can easily break the grip trainer and various other props in the show. This show of strength is usually triggered whenever his co-workers, especially Usahara, annoy him.


He is a former professional gymnast who graduated from the prestigious Nippon Sport Science University, known for its athletes alumni. Uramichi was also one of the top graduate, winning the National Championship for Solo Gymnastics. It is unknown precisely why he quit being a gymnast, although it is implied that Uramichi might have been forced to go down the route as an athlete by his family as he constantly received training equipments for Christmas gifts when he was a kid.

Sometimes afterwards he joined the TV network's program Together with Maman, and though he's not particularly happy with his job he also has no strong desire to do anything else. As the tv host he is often subjected to the ridiculous whims of the director, but he never voices out his frustration and instead commits acts of microaggression in his workplace, such as half-assing during a drawing segment of the show. However his acts often backfire because his ugly drawings get turned into merchandise and mascots for the show and he ends up having to work with them during filming.

Even though he cannot sing he is always forced to join the singing segment of the show as a prop while wearing costumes along with the mascot Usao and Kumao, and for some reason he usually ends up with the most ridiculous costume among all the cast.

While he tries his best to maintain his cheerful persona in front of the children, he sometimes breaks out of his character during filming and gives out depressing advice to the children, but after a while they seem to get used to it and shower him with pity instead. They also genuinely enjoy playing with him, a fact that gives Uramichi a sliver of joy in his wretched life.


Together with Maman Co-workers

Usahara Tobikichi

Uramichi and Usahara attended the same university along with Kumatani, and at one point the three of them were roommates for a short while due to the renovation in Uramichi's dorm. Usahara's outgoing and obtuse personality often clashes with Uramichi, and he frequently annoys Uramichi and gossips about him behind his back. As a result, Uramichi often takes out his stress on Usahara by requesting him to do impossible tasks that he cannot deny during filming of the show. Strangely, despite fearing Uramichi, Usahara always finds reasons to hang out with Uramichi such as inviting himself over during weekends and Christmas day. While Uramichi does not show it openly, he does enjoy Usahara's company and genuinely cares for him.

Kumatani Mitsuo

Like Usahara, Kumatani attended the same university as Uramichi and they were roommates at one point. Unlike Usahara, Uramichi has a much better relationship with Kumatani and they share several common traits with each other, such as their scary competitiveness and general annoyance towards Usahara. Kumatani also seems close enough with Uramichi to lend him a DVD of his favorite film.

Iketeru Daga

Iketeru often pairs up with Uramichi, especially when they have to act out roles in special segments of the show. These roles typically come with wearing ridiculous costumes designed by their producer and director.

Because Iketeru is slow on the uptake, Uramichi is gentler whenever he interacts with him compared to his other juniors and sometimes shares comforting words to uplift Iketeru’s mood, although Iketeru never understood any of them. However Uramichi is not above teasing him when he finds out Iketeru loves low quality jokes, using every opportunity he can find to say those jokes and hindering Iketeru from doing his job properly.

Utano Tadano

Uramichi has an amicable relationship with Tadano and is be able to read her personality well, perhaps due to the few similarities these two share together, such as commiserating over their jobs and reliance on alcohol to drown out their sorrows. Uramichi is at least close enough with her to know about her past careers and stagnant relationship with her boyfriend.

Derekida Tekito

As the director of the show, Derekida is possibly Uramichi's primary source of stress in his workplace due to his easy-going nature that leads to him constantly coming up with crazy ideas for the show, typically to the demise of Uramichi. Derekida himself seems to be unaware of the animosity Uramichi holds against him and always praises him for doing a good job on the show. This is because Uramichi himself never firmly voices his complaints against Derekida, often wavering whenever he tries to. When asked by the children why he behaves this way, Uramichi simply states that bending to the wills of their bosses is how adults survive in this world.

Kikaku Hanbee

Uramichi met Kikaku when the latter asked for his help in designing a new merchandise for the show. Kikaku is the only person so far whom Uramichi genuinely fears due to his extreme emotional swings. Uramichi occasionally attempts to open up to Kikaku by striking conversations with him, but this has failed so far due to Kikaku's constant fits of anger. That said, Kikaku is actually pretty good-natured towards Uramichi and Uramichi is never on the receiving end of his angry swearings. Their relationship ends up being civilized enough, although Uramichi still fears him on occasions.


His name literally means "Front field, Back Lane," implying his two-side personas. It is also a throwback to an actual taiso no oniisan Hiromichi Sato.

  • The name Uramichi means "back, inside" (裏, ura) and "road, way" (道, michi).
  • The surname Omota means "front, surface" (表, omo) and "field" (田, ta).


  • Uramichi's blood type is AB.
  • Uramichi is a smoker and a heavyweight when it comes to alcohol.
  • Uramichi's favorite food is pickled mackerel.
  • Uramichi does not believe in God.